A-3: The ecosystem supporting to Ruby development

Date and time

November 10th (Thu) 14:30 - 14:45 (JST)


Hiroshi Shibata


OSS programmer, Ruby committer, maintainer of many OSS such as ruby, rubygems, bundler, rake, rdoc, rbenv, ruby-build, psych, tDiary, and administrator of ruby-lang.org. He maintains the infrastructure that supports the development of the Ruby programming language. He is working in public relations of technology for ANDPAD Inc. and full time OSS developer for the Ruby programming language.


The ecosystem supporting to Ruby development

In order to continuously develop and release Ruby, we need a ““place”” where the activities can take place.Organizations and companies that support services and events are also necessary.I will introduce what is needed in addition to the human activities of the developers and contributors who write code.This presentation will introduce the Ruby ecosystem from the viewpoints of developers and users.